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Travel safety for women

why a special travel safety training for women?

Because women do have some additional risks and challenges next to the usual ones. 

Because most travel safety-trainings are offered by ex-military guys and lack the “female touch” – which leads to women not seeing their needs met or challenges taken seriously. Sorry guys, that’s just the way it is! 

Because most men cannot imagine how it feels being stared at by some random pervert.

Because we need to be able to talk about why tampons with applicators make sense when traveling – and other “female topics” – without silly comments.

Because women need to be aware of the dangers when sitting next to a taxi driver. If you don’t believe me give me a ring and I tell you some stories. 

Because we need to talk about why the typical upbringing of girls (“be nice and quiet”) is a big hindrance when it comes to self-defense and taking a stand in this world.

There needs to be room for the experience of feeling “undresses” by someone or even getting touched by men who cannot control their hormones. 

Because most women fear sexual assault more than getting robbed. 

and why the psychological damage of assault is often so severe. 

We need to talk about why most women pretend to be strong and fearless and why they think they don’t attract sexual harassment (big BS) in order to survive in today’s world. 


Awareness is the opposite of fear! 

Because you can only see what you know! Fact! 

And only if you know your usual reactions in difficult situations are you able to react adequately. In the best of cases far before anything happens, because you have spotted a possible danger very early. 

There is no 100% safety guarantee in this very complex world. Still: be the hardest target you can be!!! 

Stay safe & courageous!

For companies 

The training is usually inhouse on your company premises. In case your employees are based in different locations all over the world, the training can be offered via zoom. As flexible and easy as it suits you. 

for individuals

Of course, you can also book the training as an individual. Just get in touch and we will discuss your needs. You can also have a look at the shop. 

the three pillars of safety 

The trainings are based on three pillars that I tich in theory and practice


You can only see the things you are aware of. In the training I tell you what to look for in order to have a pleasant and safe trip. 


You will get tools that help you to prepare well for your trip and also enable you to act adequately in the case of emergency. 


All the knowledge in the world is useless, if you don’t have a little bit of a “warrior’s mindset”. In order to prevent you from getting caught in the “nice little girls”-trap, we will also do some mindset work. No fear, it’s fun! 


That’s what customers say

“​Ute knows how to prepare you to travel safely so that you are aware and awake without making you paranoid. She advised me and my family already before various trips abroad and we are always happy to consult her. We travel together with our two little girls which makes safety even more important. Thanks Ute!”

Simon J.

IT Specialist, Stuttgart

“I am very happy with Ute’s training! She made me aware of things I would not have thought of. Furthermore: the training made traveling much more pleasant because I knew what to look for and how to prepare. Highly recommendable!”

Christina W.

Coach, Basel

Ute Schneider

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