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This page is for people who want to leave their comfort zone and travel the world well prepared. You get info on travel safety, mindful travel practice for women and life hacks on how to enter unchartered waters – literally and metaphorically. 


Mindful (travel)-safety training for women

Inhouse-Training for companies. This training is designed for women who want to travel mindfully: aware of their surroundings, familiar with international gender roles and prepare for special challenges women encounter when travelling.


coaching for "unchartered waters"

This coaching is for you if you encounter a major change in your life and enter “unchartered waters”. For example by moving to a new country, going on a sabbatical, or leaving your comfort zone for some reason or other. The coaching via zoom or Skype will support you along the way, wherever you are right now. 



In the shop, you find a mix of online-courses, e-books, tickets for live courses and coaching packages on a variety of topics regarding travel safety,  life abroad, highly sensitive traveling and various countries. Choose what you need right now and pay online. 

who is it for 


For women who travel abroad for private or business purposes

For companies who take their obligation to take care of their employees seriously


Does this sound familiar? 

– Although you have traveled the world a lot, new countries and unfamiliar situations leave you very often feeling insecure

– Of course, you won’t tell anyone, in order not to appear “weak” or “inept for the job”

– Although you are generally a confident person, you sometimes have difficulties setting healthy boundaries. For example, when someone is “manspreading” next to you on an airplane or when a taxi driver gets a bii too “friendly”. 

– You were sexually assaulted before and the fear of another episode sometimes cripples you

– You would like to be more courageous, if only there wasn’t the fear of taking the first step

– You have a job offer that requires you to move abroad and all of a sudden you encounter unexpected fears and doubts you can’t share with anyone within the company.  Neither with your friends as they only see the “great adventure”. 

In the coaching, all your fears and doubts are welcome and will be treated with discretion!

why (travel) safety training especially for women?

Because special challenges require tailor-made solutions. My work has been done when no woman in the world has to fear for her safety just because she is a woman. The pillars of the training are awareness, ability, and attitude – a mix of theory and real-life exercises. 


That’s what my customers say:

“​Ute’s clear view of the world and comfort zones were the crucial factors to choose her as my coach when I undertook some major changes. She spurs me on and helps me to look behind my veil. It will be my pleasure to include her in future projects as my advisor.”

Moni S.

Self-employed, Vienna

“At last, there is a woman who offers her experience and knowledge to women! Ute is very competent and has a lot of humor! Furthermore, she has traveled the world and shares her knowledge with passion. I do recommend her training and courses 100%”

Chrstina W.

Coach, Basel

When my company offered me a job in Switzerland, I had many fears and doubts and even more questions. It was my first time in a foreign country. Ute helped me to conquer my doubts and navigated me through the mental process from the decision making to the start in Zürich. I am very glad that I had her by my side in the entire process.

Javi M.

IT Specialist, Zürich

“Frau Schneider ist mit praktischen Erste-Hilfe-Tipps, fundierten Hinweisen und anschaulichen Beispielen genau ​die​ richtige ​Ansprechpartnerin für akute Problemlagen im Zusammenhang mit persönlichen Krisen und interkulturellen Unsicherheiten. Durch ihre pragmatische Sicht wechselt man schnell vom Grübeln zum Handeln und wird durch konkrete Übungen und Literaturhinweise dazu angeregt, aktive Veränderungs-Schritte zu gehen und nachhaltig zu festigen. Vermeintliche Misserfolge werden als Erfolg gewertet und grundsätzlich das Konstruktive und Positive in den Herausforderungen des Lebens gesehen. Das hilft bei der Korrektur eigener Sichtweisen und dabei, in schweren Zeiten milde mit sich zu sein. Kleine Schritte sind das Ziel und der Anfang der Veränderung. Dabei wird man von einer stets gut gelaunten und zuversichtlichen Frau Schneider begleitet, was Hoffnung schenkt und stärker macht.”

Lisa S.

Teacher, Switzerland

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Ute Schneider 

The central theme in my life has always been “international” and the natural ability to help people leave their comfort zone.  I have always traveled the world and have lived, studied and worked in various countries. I have a degree in languages and international business studies, possess experience in the medical field, train martial arts and am a certified coach (INLPTA). In my e-books, seminars, trainings, and coachings I share all my knowledge and experience. Personal motto:  Stay safe & courageous!

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