who is Ute Schneider


Some information on me and my work

Who is Ute Schneider

Expert for (travel)-safety for women

Coach for “unchartered waters”  DVNLP/ INLPTA

Speaker, author, YouTuber


Encourager & enabler

Your comfort zone guide

Highly sensitive



Well mannered

why I do what I do 

Early years

I grew up in a very international environment thus international life is second nature to me

I also grew up in the times of the RAF in Germany (Rote Armee Fraktion) with all the scary pictures on tv and in the news. I managed to escape  a very dangerous situation as a child and had grandparents who were paranoid about their grandchildren getting kidnapped. In other words: an interest in safety issues has accompanied me from very early age on.

In combination with all the stories, I heard from other travelers I read everything I could get into my hands. Ranging from body language, victimology, and travel safety. Later on, I added medical and intercultural knowledge to the mix when studying medicine, languages and international business studies in Germany and Scotland.

I have lived and worked in many countries and still do.


My work and private travel took me to many countries worldwide. When talking to other travelers I realized that many companies do not care about their employees’ well-being abroad but “expect them to get along”. Especially for women, who usually do not talk about fears and problems,  this attitude can lead to highly unpleasant situations – to put it mildly. It became my mission to make companies and employees aware of travel safety – before something happens!

My motto “Stay safe & courageous”.

This is what I  can offer you


International experience

4 decades of international know how

4 languages



Quick and practical solutions




how you can work with me

You can book a travel-safety inhouse-training for your company, book me as a speaker for your event or as your private coach 1:1. Or you can buy one of the products in the online shop. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Ute Schneider

Eichenstr. 8
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